Attaching a Rode VideoMicro to an iPhone or Android Phone

Today I thought I’d answer a question about how to attach the Rode VideoMicro to an iPhone or other smartphone.

A Viewer, Sammy&Stefan asks..

Ohhhh my god 🙂 thanks for this video man I was searching the whole night for a satisfactory solution and you got it:) unfortunately the case is quite expensive do you know some other ?

I’m glad you liked the video.

First, what Sammy & Stefan are referring to is the iPro Lens case and JJC cold shoe adapter I used to attach the VideoMicro to my iPhone. The case costs between $60-$70 and the cold shoe adapter is an additional $10.

I agree that this is expensive, and I wouldn’t recommend that anyone buy these two items to attach the VideoMicro to their iPhone. I already had these items because I use the external iPro Lens system which requires that case. The case and the cold shoe adapter cost more than the VideoMicro itself.

So what do I recommend? Well first, I’d say check out the Rode VideoMic ME this version of the microphone is specifically designed to be used with the iPhone and other smartphones. It uses the same microphone as the VideoMicro but has the 3.5mm plug directly built in to the mic and is designed to clamp the side of the phone. Note that the VideoMic ME will not work with the iPhone 7 which doesn’t have a headphone jack.

If you really want to use the VideoMicro, which is designed for cameras, you’ll need to find a way to attach a it to the your phone or it’s case. The best option I have found so far is this smartphone clamp on eBay. It can hold your phone and has a cold shoe adapter on the top where the VideoMicro can be mounted.

I haven’t tried this clamp yet, I order a couple. Please do note that they ship directly from China. Shipping is free and it will probabally take a couple of weeks to arrive. At $10 a piece though these look really good. I have ordered a few items on eBay from China and haven’t had any issues.

Finally, I also wanted to point out I found these 3.5MM headset jack adapters that I plan to use with the Rode SC7 TRS to TRRS cable. In my previous video, I talked about how the Rode cable has a thin plug that can can be difficult to plug into an iPhone inside a case. These adapters are where $10 for a five pack. I have other uses for these so they look pretty good.

I’ll do a video review of both these items after I receive them.

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