Checking Out the Annex Quad Lock iPhone 6 Case and Bike Kit

I recently picked up an Annex Quad Lock iPhone 6 Bike Kit so that I could mount my iPhone 6 to my handlebars when riding. I don’t have a cycling computer so I thought I’d try using my iPhone 6 with with the Wahoo Fitness App. The app can track time, distance, and speed using the phone’s built in GPS. It can also display my heart rate from my Mio Link Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor. It can also connect with cadence sensor and power meter, which I don’t have, but maybe in the future.

The bike kit comes with the iPhone 6 Quad Lock case, a Poncho, and the bike mount. The Poncho is a plastic cover for the phone and case. The Bike Mount has a quad lock connector on it which connects into the back of the case. The mount connects to your bike’s stem using one of two sets of O Rings depending on your stem size. The Quad Lock case is part of a system where a single case can be used with multiple mounts.

This kit came with the bike mount only, but you can buy a car mount, belt mount, a 2 pack of wall mounts, and a tripod adapter. In July, Quad Lock is also going to ship an alternative bike mount called the Out Front mount which connects to your handle bars.

The Poncho is a see thru plastic cover, designed to protect your screen from water and sweat. It blocks the finger print reader, head phone jack and lightning port. While you could use the Quad Lock case on your iPhone as a full time case, you wouldn’t want to use it with the Poncho off the bike. The Quad Lock mount on the back of the case puts a bulge in the back center of the phone which could be a deal breaker for some. It will take me some time for me to decide if I can live with it. I have a nice Apple leather case, which is the best fitting case I have ever used. Overall the case will protect your phone, but it doesn’t seem as sturdy as a LifeProof or Otterbox case. I don’t know if your phone will survive a fall off the bike. Fortunately, the Quad Lock mounting system is really strong. you’d be more likely to see the mount come off the bike then the case come off the mount.

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