CHEMEX Coffeemaker Filter Options

Today I wanted to tell you about the different filter options available for for the CHEMEX coffeemaker. I bought a 100ct box of the CHEMEX Square Natural filters. The retail for about $9 bringing the price to around $0.09 per filter.

CHEMEX offers two other types of filters that will work with the CM-6. They have Prefolded Circles and Prefolded Squares that are white. My Prefolded Squares are natural, and brown in color. The paper for theses filtered in untreated by whatever process they use to make the white filters.

All of the CHEMEX filters are 20 to 30% thicker than regular filters and you will notice the difference. To use the prefolded square filters you angle the folder corner down into the coffee maker and part the folds so three folds are on one side and one on the other. It opens in a cone shape and you can put the coffee in the filter. Two corners or flaps of the filter will stick up well above the top of the coffeemaker and you can use them to easily remove the filter from the coffeemaker.

You can also use #4 size cone shaped filters with the CHEMEX. I have tried the Melitta filters which are also a premium product but less expensive. You can also buy #4 cone filter in bulk from Costco, BJ’s, or your warehouse store. I think I paid $6-$7 for a package of 400 filters so they are pretty darn cheap.

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