Fixing Low Voices on Your TV

My wife and I were always commenting to each other that we can’t clearly hear the voices on on Samsung LED TV. When we turn up the volume the background music and sound effects get too loud but we still couldn’t hear the voices clearly. After living with this problems for a few years, trying to adjust a number of different settings on the both the TV and the Verizon FIOS cable box I finally solved the problem by adding a sound bar.

One of the problems with flat panel LED TVs is that they are so thin there is no room inside for decent speakers. Adding a the sound bar solved the problem for us. We can now both clearly hear the dialogue in movies and TV shows, a really great improvement.

I bought a refurbished Pioneer SPSB23W/B Soundbar Speaker System with a Wireless Subwoofer from Newegg for $154.99 with free shipping. This unit is part of an affordable line of speakers from Pioneer that were created by an internationally renowned speaker designer named Andrew Jones.

The list price on this sound bar is $449 and it currently sells new on Amazon for $259.99. The unit I bought was refurbished. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I decided to take a chance and I am happy with the purchase.

The system sounds great. My wife loves it to. Adds a whole new depth to watching movies at home. I did have some issues with it though. The setup instructions in the manual where confusing. It took a long time get the sound bar working with my existing remote control because of this, but once I figured it is a breeze to set up.

Also, I placed the sound bar on our TV stand and the top of it blocks the TV’s remote control port a little bit so I have to angle the remove control to be able to get the TV to turn on. I need to figure out how to raise the TV up a little to solve this problem. That, or mount the sound bar on the wall.

Finally, the biggest issue is that we no longer see the volume level displayed on the TV anymore. I had to set up the TV so that the volume is controlled by the bar, not the TV, so the volume indicator that used to appear on screen is now gone.

Regardless if these issues, this was a great purchase and we enjoy our TV much more now. Below is a link to the Pioneer SPSB23W/B on Amazon.

Are you able to hear the voices on your TV clearly? Have you fixed the problem? Leave a reply below and share your solution.

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