Griffin Mic Connect Microphone Interface for iPhone and iPad

Today I take a look at the Griffin Mic Connect Microphone for iPhone and iPad. The Mic Connect allows you to connect allows you to connect a high quality XLR microphone to the headset jack on your iPhone or iPad.

The box contains the Mic Connect Interface, 2 AA batteries, and an instruction manual. With the Mic Connect, you can connect a high quality microphone to your iPhone or iPad. The Mic Connect has a 3 Pin XLR female connector on one end that connects to the microphone and a 3.5mm TRRS male plug on the other that connects to the headset jack.

The Mic Connect is powered by two AA batteries. I’m going to connect a Heil PR40 microphone to the Mic Connect using an XLR cable. The Mic Connect has a switch on the side that has three positions: Off, On, and On with 48V phantom power. Some microphones require 48V power to operate. In my case, the PR40 does not, so I’ll just turn the switch to the On position. The Mic Connect also has two LEDS, green for power and red for 48V power. There is a gain control wheel on the other side of the Mic Connect to boost the Microphone’s signal. The Mic Connect also has a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can monitor and listen to audio while recording.

I recorded the audio for the first part of the video using an iPhone headset and the second part using the PR40 with the Mic Connect connected to my iPad Air.

You can listen to the audio from both microphones and let me know what you think. The Griffin Mic Connect Interface retails for $39.99

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