Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mobile Mouse For Mac And PC

Today I wanted to unbox and tell you about my Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mobile Mouse.

I bought this mouse a couple of months ago and it’s been sitting on my studio desk waiting for me to do an unboxing video. You see I already own the predecessor, the Logitech MX Anywhere 2, and I loved that mouse so much I decided to pick up a second one so I could have one on both the my office desk and my studio desk.

First, off lets start with the price. This mouse retails for about $80 but it frequently discounted. At the time I am writing this article you can pick one up for $51 on Amazon.

The mouse comes in three different colors, graphite, light grey, and midnight teal, however only the graphite color is discounted at this time. Check out my video if you want to see the unboxing.

Inside the box, your find the 2S wireless mouse, a USB charging cable, a Logitech USB Unifying Receiver, and an instruction book. The Anywhere 2S is a wireless mouse that can connect to your computer using either Bluetooh LE or the Logitech Unifying Receiver which s a tiny USB dongle that connects to a USB A port on your computer. And I do mean tiny, I have been using Logitech unifying receivers for a long time and I am amazed how small that keep making these things. The USB charging cable is about 24 inches long and is used to charge the Anywhere 2S. The cable is USB A male to micro USB.

One thing I don’t like about the cable is that I find it difficult to plug the micro USB plug into the mouse. Something about the angle it plugs in at. As I said I have the Anywhere 2 already and its the same on both mice.

What is so cool about the Anywhere 2S is that you can use it with three different computers. And you’ll have the choice of connecting it using either Bluetooth LE or the Unifying Receiver. There is a small button on the botton that can be used to switch between devices 1, 2, or 3. small LEDs show you which device it is connected to. Hold the button in on any of the three input setting and you’ll put the mouse into pairing mode. making it extremely easier to pair.

Logitech has their Options software that you can use to configure the mouse, but is not required.With the 2s, they also released a new software called flow which lets you work across both Mac and PC sharing the same mouse and even able to copy and paste information and files across two computers. I don’t intend to use Flow right now, perhaps in the future.

I have only been using the Anywhere 2S with my 2015 MacBook Pro 15 Retina for only a day, but I love it. I used the Anywhere 2S for a year or two and this update is very similar. Logitech improved the tracking resolution from 1000 to 4000 DPI but mostly it feels the same to me so far. I had my old Anywhere 2 paired with two of my computers as well as my wife’s corporate Dell Ultrabook, I don’t remember the model. Two of the computers are paired with Bluetooth LE and one using a Unifying Receiver. Flawless operation on all computers. I expect the same for the Anywhere 2S.

The mouse uses a Li-Po (500 mAh) rechargable battery that is not user replaceable. Logitech say the battery will go up to 70 days on a single charge, for me I think it lasts longer. I have a micro USB cable on my desk and plug it in as needed. I’m able to still use the mouse when it is charging.

This is a mobile mouse, meant for use with a laptop and to take with you while traveling. I think the size is perfect for desktop use though. Logitech has a desktop mouse called the MX Master 2S which is way too big in my opinion. For the last 12 years I have been using Mac again but Apple doesn’t seem to be able to make a decent mouse.

This mouse has seven buttons but I only use the left and right buttons. The other buttons can be configured in the Options software but I haven’t bothered to do so. The scrolling wheel on the top is a button which can be clicked to switch betwen fast scrolling and click-to-click scrolling, use this modes for fast or precision scrolling. I normally use the fast scrolling.

Based on my long experience with the Anywhere 2 and much shorter experience with the Anywhere 2S, I recommend this mouse.

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