Rode VideoMicro with Android Phones

Today I decided to try out my Rode VideoMicro compact microphone with two different Android phones. Check out my video to hear how they sounded.

Several people have asked me if the Rode VideoMicro will work with their Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 phones. While I don’t have either of those two phones, I do have a Google LG Nexus 5x and a Google Motorola Nexus 6 both of which are Android phones so I thought I’d try them out.

I decided to test bost phones outside on a cold day with some wind. I used the Rode SC7 TRS to TRRS cable to connect the VideoMicro to my phones. The SC7 is required to use this microphone with a smartphone and the cable is sold separately. I also used the included dead cat wind shield on the microphone.

I recorded the video on each phone using the microhpone and then I imported the video into Apple’s iMovie 10. I did not apply any processing but did raise the level to 250%.

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