Rode VideoMicro with iPhone 6s On A Windy Day

In this video I compare the Rode VideoMicro Compact Microphone with the iPhone 6s’ built in microphone. It was a very windy day in New England, the wind is blowing hard, the leaves are rustling, and there was all sorts of outdoor power equipment running off in all directions. Its leaf season and people were out in full force cleaning up.

I decided to record the video trying the Rode Video Micro at distances of 2 feet, 6 feet, and 12 feet. I repeated that using the iPhone 6s built in microphone and then a 3rd time with the Rode video Micro without the dead cat.

I imported the footage into iMovie and adjusted the volume level for each segment so it was lound enough to hear but tried to avoid letting the audio clip. The wind and background noise is higher with the built-in microphone and with the Rode Video Micro without the dead cat.

The noise in all three parts is really loud. I wanted to test with some wind noise, but maybe this was too much. I didn’t want to post process the audion other than raise the levels. I do think the Rode with the dead cat sounds the best at 6ft which I think would be the max distance I’d recommend.

Here is a list of gear I used:

  • iPhone 6s
  • Rode VideoMicro
  • Rode SC7 TRS to TRRS cable
  • iPro Lens Case
  • TRRS Extension Cable
  • Manfrotto 0x55 series tripod
  • Manfrotto 502HD

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