Shoulderpod S1 Pro iPhone Grip Unboxing

In this video I take a look at the Shoulderpod S1 Pro iPhone Grip. The S1 is a filmmaker handle, tripod mount, and traveller stand for your iPhone. You use the S1 to stabilize your iPhone when shooting video. You can use it as a handle to hold your iPhone, attach it to a tripod, or use it as a stand to prop your phone up on a table.

Inside the box is the S1 clamp, a strap, and the handle. There was also an instruction card.

To use the S1, you loosen the screw knob on the to open the clamp wider to put your phone in it. I’m using the iPhone 6. It seems like it takes a lot of turns to adjust the size. My iPhone 6 fit in the clamp well even with the plastic case on it. Just make sure when you put your in the clamp to make sure you line it up so the volume and lock buttons are clear from the clamp. After putting my iPhone in the S1, I turned the knob the other way to tighten the clamp.

Once my phone was in the S1, I attached the handle. The handle has a good feel to it. It feels a little short, but its weighted so it will stabilize the phone. Before screwing the handle on to the 1/4 20 mount I attached the hand strap loop. Once everything was assembled I looped the strap over my hand. I whole setup is very stable. You can grip the phone well and it phone is held in place securely.

After taking the iPhone 6 out of the S1, I put my Nexus 6 in. This phone is much bigger. The Nexus 6 did fit and the S1 held it securely. But it S1 looks a little bowed. Like the phone is too big for the S1.

The jaws of the S1 have a smooth rubber grip. You can also use this as a tripod mount. I removed the handle and attached the S1 to the 1/4 mount on a ball head. The S1 is a good tripod mount.

Finally, you can use this as a traveller stand. I didn’t find this too useful. The instructions show propping the iPhone up in portrait mode. I’d want to use it in landscape mode to watch video.

The Shoulderpod S1 is a little expensive at 34.90, but I’d feel pretty confident using it to hold my iPhone 6.

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