Connecting Your MacBook Pro to Your HDTV

Are your trying to figure out how to connect your MacBook Pro to that giant LED / LCD TV in your living room? In this article, I’ll tell you how.

Rode VideoMicro with Android Phones

Today I decided to try out my Rode VideoMicro compact microphone with two different Android phones. Check out my video to hear how they sounded.

Ztylus Smartphone Rig vs Shoulderpod S1 Grip

Somebody asked me which smartphone tripod mount grip I liked better the Ztylus Smartphone Rig or the Shoulderpod S1 iPhone Pro Grip. Today I thought I’d share my thoughts.

Ztylus Z-Grip Smartphone Rig Update

Today I was planning on doing a comparison between the Ztylus Z-Grip Smartphone Rig and the ShoulderPod S1 Smartphone Rig. Both the Z-Grip and S1 are clamps you attach to your iPhone or other smartphone to use as a handle

Using the Rode VideoMicro Microphone With a Mac or PC

A youTube viewer, Raj, recently asked me if he could use the Rode VideoMicro microphone with a computer. I wasn’t sure so I decided to try it on my 2015 MacBook Pro and my wife’s Window’s 8.1 Dell laptop.

Ztylus Z-Grip Mini Smartphone Grip from eBay

After waiting almost a month, the Mini Smartphone Rig Clamp Mobile Photography Grip Tripod Mount Stand I ordered on eBay finally arrived. You may recall from an earlier video, I bought these smartphone clamps to use with my iPhone 6

Ztylus Z-Grip Mini Smartphone Grip

Today I wanted to show you the Ztylus Z-Grip Mini Smartphone Grip. The Z-Grip is a clamp you can use to hold your smartphone to stabilize it for video and photos. The Z-Grip has a 1/4″-0 mount on the bottom

Rode VideoMicro with iPhone 6s On A Windy Day

In this video I compare the Rode VideoMicro Compact Microphone with the iPhone 6s’ built in microphone. It was a very windy day in New England, the wind is blowing hard, the leaves are rustling, and there was all sorts

Attaching a Rode VideoMicro to an iPhone or Android Phone

Today I thought I’d answer a question about how to attach the Rode VideoMicro to an iPhone or other smartphone.

Rode VideoMicro with iPhone 6 Update

My last video about the Rode VideoMicro turned out to be pretty popular so I thought it was time to add some updates.  To recap, the Rode VideoMicro is an affordable on camera microphone that  lets you record better sounding

Using a Rode VideoMicro Microphone With the iPhone 6

  I recently picked up a Rode VideoMicro Microphone for use with my iPhone 6. While this microphone is meant for use with cameras it works great with my iPhone 6 but there are some details you’ll need to know