Taking a Look at the Glif Tripod Mount and Stand for Smartphones

Today we are going to take a look at the Glif, a tripod mount and stand for smartphones. Use the glif to attach your smartphone to a tripod to take better pictures and video. If you like to take photos or video with your smartphone, the glif can help you hold your photo steady by mounting it on a tripod. If your camera app has a timer or you have a remote shutter you can get out in front of the camera yourself.

If you want to learn more watch my video or continue reading my review.


The Glif is packaged in a cardboard tube and comes with three items: the adjustable tripod mount, a hex or allen key to adjust the stand, and a keychain mount.

Each side of the Glif has what is called 1/4 20 mount, which is a standard sized mount for tripods and monopods. So you can place your smartphone in the glif and screw it on to a tripod. Insert the hex key into 1/4 20 mount hole on the end of the glif and turn the key to adjust the size of the glif.

Adjust the glif so it’s big enough for your phone to fit in. In the video, I am using an iPhone 5s with a case on it. Once you place your phone in the glif, use the hex key to tighten the stand so that the glif has a firm hold on the phone.

When you place the glif on the phone, make sure the phone is mounted even you place the phone in the glif. Make sure the Glif isn’t blocking the rear camera or interferring with any buttons on the side of your smartphone.

In the video, I demonstrate that you can attach the glif to a small camera tripod ball head. Typically the ball head is attached to a tripod and then you can adjust the camera angle by adjusting the ball head.

The glif will work with other smartphones, not just the iPhone 5s. I have used it with my Nokia Lumia 920 and my Google Nexus 5.

The Glif is made by Studio Neat. Originally the glif was just for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. The product was originally funded on Kickstarter, a crowd funding website. The project was very successful. The company later did a model for the iPhone 5 and then finally came out with a universal version for all smartphones.

I like the glif, and I recommend it. i will add that I am not sure how I would feel about using it to mount my phone to a boom or any camera rig that would be moving or swinging around. If you didn’t have the phone in the glif securely, it could fall out. But for mounting it to a tripod or monopod I think its a great solution.

You can also use the gilf as a stand to prop up your smartphone. One end of the glif has a smaller adjustable pair of grips to hold the edge of the phone. You can use the glif to prop up the phone on an table or counter to look at photos or watch videos. I’m not sure I’d ever use this feature myself. Perhaps if I am traveling and I have the glif with me I might try it.

The glif also comes with a keychain attachment. You can screw it into the 1/4 20 hole on either end of the glif. I think the glif is too big and bulky to carry on my keyring. It would be useful for attaching to a lanyard and hanging on your backpack.

The kit also includes a 5/32 hex key for adjusting the glif. I thought it would have been cool if they would have some type of hex key that would attach to a keychain. That way you could carry the glif and the hex key attached together. Another option would be to have packaged it in a plastic tube with a key ring attachment and then could carry the glif and hex wrench together.

The glif is kind of expensive at $30. I ordered my from Amazon and got free shipping because my order was over $35 dollars. For me it was worth it. I can use it with the different smartphones I have and it should also work with future phones I might have.

I plan to use the glif in future video and DIY projects I am working on so I’ll share some of those results in the future.


Below is a link to the Glif on Amazon. If you buy a Glif and use this link it will help support tech128.com. There is no additional cost to you.

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