Unboxing the CHEMEX Filter-Drip Coffeemaker

I recently bought a CHEMEX Filter-Drip Coffee Maker so I thought I’d do an unboxing video for those of you who are interested. I chose the Six Cup Classic which is the CM-6A model. The CHEMEX is a manual pour-over coffee maker.

Let’s take a look at the box. One one side is a photo of the product. Turning the box to the side shows a five step brewing process.

  1. Insert a filter into the CHEMEX
  2. Add your coffee to the filter
  3. Pour a small amount of hot water over to activate the coffee
  4. Pour over the remaining water to brew your coffee
  5. Enjoy your coffee

Flipping the box over there are some features and benefits listed about the CHEMEX. Supposedly this is a high quality glass that will not absorb coffee flavors. Brewing with the pour over process allows your to cover the coffeemaker so you can refrigerate and reheat the coffee while still retaining flavors. The box also mentions that their filters eliminate oils, sediments, and bitter elements.

Now, let’s open the box. Inside is well, the six-cup CHEMEX. It’s made of glass. It’s hour glass shaped. The top is meant to hold the filter. It has a wood collar with a leather tie wrapped around it. I assume the wood collar is there so you can handle the coffeemaker when it has hot coffee in it.

I also bought a box of CHEMEX Bonded Filters. These are the natural square filters (FSU-100). CHEMEX makes a few different types of filters. These were the only ones they had in the store. I’ll make another video about the other CHEMEX filters when I learn a little more about them. I did a little research before I decided to buy the CHEMEX and you should be able to use it with other cone shaped filters you can buy in the supermarket.

After taking the filter out of the box, I can see it is brown and square. I’m pretty sure the brown filter is why its called natural. Sometimes these brown filters are referred to as unbleached as opposed to white filters which are treated with bleach or some other process or chemical to make them white.

The filter is definitely thicker than a normal drip coffee filter.

I bought my CHEMEX coffee maker at Williams Sonoma. The CM-6A was $36.95. The filters $9.95 for a 100 count box. I however bought mine during a 20% off sale the last week of December 2016, so the total $37.52 plus state sales tax. I put some links for the CHEMEX and filters below if you are interested in buying.

My CHEMEX is the six cup model. CHEMEX also has three-cup, eight-cup, and ten-cup models available.

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