Unboxing the Space Gray Apple Magic Trackpad 2

I picked up the Space Gray Apple Magic Trackpad 2. I really prefer using a a trackpad over a mouse for editing videos. I have a 2015 MacBook Pro and love to use the trackpad on my laptop when editing video. When I use the Macbook Pro with an external keyboard and monitor I want a mouse, but editing video without a trackpad feels slow, difficult, and just plain wrong. With the Magic Trackpad, sliding and panning through the timeline is just a breeze.

I had the original Apple Magic Trackpad and I liked it well enough, but when I got a chance to try the Magic Trackpad 2, I was hooked and had to have one. The Apple’s Magic Trackpad 2 comes in two colors, white and space gray. It’s expensive, the white one retails for $129 and the space gray for $149.

In my opinion Apple makes the best trackpads in the business. I think there mice are terrible, but their MacBook trackpads and the Magic Trackpads are amazing. On a side note if you are interested, you can see the mouse I use here. Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mobile Mouse For Mac And PC

The Magic Trackpad 2 is huge, it is 6.3 inches wide and 4.52 inches deep, that’s 16.0 cm by 11.49 cm for you metric types. It’s wireless, using Bluetooth to connect to your Mac. It comes with a USB to lighting port cable to recharge its internal battery. It supports Apple’s Multitouch gestures and Force Touch.

The three things I like about it compared to the original Magic Trackpad are the larger size, the rechargeable battery, and Force Touch. Rather than physically moving to respond to clicks the Force Touch system uses little motors to deliver physical feedback making it really feel like you are clicking on the trackpad. The original Magic Trackpad used 2 AA batteries for power and used a mechanical trackpad the physically clicked.

I bought the Space Grey model and my keyboard, mouse, and monitor are black and I never really cared for that whole Apple let’s make stuff white thing. I am not sure I’d pay $149 for this if I didn’t use it to edit video. Its a lot of money and I am pretty comfortable with a mouse and / or the original Magic Trackpad. I sort of think of the Magic Trackpad 2 as a video editing control surface.

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