I Ordered a Pair of Wide Cycling Shoes – Lake CX160X

Well after some searching I ordered a pair of wide cycling road shoes. I picked up a pair of Lake CX160X Road Cycling Shoes. I ordered a pair of of 46 wide. They set my back $67.49. Which for a pair of cycling shoes which didn’t break the banks. Now, these shoes were definitely a closeout model. Looks like the new model is the CX161x for 2017.

So these shoes are white with black accents. They have three hook and loop straps to secure the shoe. The is made from leather and mesh. The soles are rigid and made from fiberglass and nylon. They have a 3 hole pattern for Look cleats. My pedals are SpeedPlay X series so I’ll need to mount the adapters first and then the four screw cleats.

I happy with the quality of the shoe so far by looking at it.

Now, for the fit. First, I had to make sure I took all the tissue out of the shoe. There was a ball of it wedged tightly into the tips of the shoe. I tried putting the shoes on before removing that. I can put the shoes on while wearing socks. They feel pretty comfortable. When I close the straps the top strap looks a little stretched out. There may be a little bulge on the side. I normally don’t wear socks with cycling shoes, so I also tried them on without the socks. The fit is a little better and the straps close a little more.

Unfortunately, they were only available in white. And as much as I’d like to think I don’t care about looks, I really don’t want to wear a pair of white cycling shoes while riding on the road. But since I pretty much only ride the trainer these days, I decided to bite the bullet, because who’s looking while I am riding in my basement.

I tried shopping around online for the CX161x models but they only seem to be be available from lakecycling.com and I didn’t want to pay MSRP.

Well these are my new wide cycling shoes. I’ll need to mount the cleats on them and start using them on my trainer and see how comfortable they are after I get some time on the saddle with them.

What about you? Are you using Lake wide cycling shoes or another brand? Leave a reply below and share.

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