Impact Super Clamps With Ratchet Handle or T-Handle

I recently decided to pick up a couple clamps to use in my studio. I decided to by three Impact Super Clamps. I ordered one Impact Super Clamp with a Ratchet Handle and two Impact Super Clamps with T-Handles. You can use these clamps to hold various photography and video gear. These clamps are like gaffer’s tape in that they can be used to hold all sorts of stuff.

You can these up on Amazon for $23 or $26.

These are the first clamps of this type I have bought so I am still learning about this equipment.

These clamps are super sturdy. The Super Clamp with T-Handle is the CC-106T and the Super Clamp with Ratchet Handle is the CC-106R. Both clamps include a 5/8 Stud and a furniture wedge. The one end of the stud mounts into the clamp using a spring locking mechanism with a screw to tighten it. The stud has 1/4 20 male threads. The furniture wedge can optionally be place between the clamp jaws when clamping to a desk, table, or other flat surface.

The difference between these two clamps are the handles. The CC106-R has a large handles that supposedly ratchets so that you can clamp and unclamp in tight spaces where you can only turn the handle a small amount. The CC106-T has a T-Handle that requires full spins to clamp and unclamp.

I so far have not figured out how the ratcheting mechanism is supposed to work. As I said before, I am a hobbyist and I am unfamiliar with this gear. At 1.4 pounds per clamp these are heavy but seem extremely sturdy and well made.

There are many uses for these. I plan to try and use them to hold lights, attach an iPad to my desk with additional gear, and even try to use one to mount a microphone boom arm to my desk. So far I have used one of these clamps, with additional gear to clamp an iPad to my desk and studio table with the furniture wedge in place these get a solid grip and I have not noticed any damage to my furniture.

If you would like to see what these clamps look like check out my YouTube video below.

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