Osrso Mini Ballhead Tripod Camera Mounts

In this video I take a look at mini ball head tripod mounts. You use a mini ball head to attach a camera to a tripod, monopod, or what ever type of DIY camera mount you have. Recently I have been doing a lot of smartphone photography and video, and want to be able to mount my camera, and mini balls heads are great for mounting smartphones and light weight cameras.

Most camera have what’s called a 1/4” 20 thread or 1/4 twenty (pronounced quarter-twenty) mount on the bottom. This is a standard mount for most cameras. Our mini ball heads have a 1/4 20 screw bolt on the top, and a 1/4 20 mount in the bottom. The screw bolt on the top attached to the bottom of the camera and the mount on the bottom attache to your tripod, monopod, or other rig.

The ball head has a knob which you can loosen and lets the ball rotate. You can adjust the camera to different angles and then tighten it up.

In my previous video, I showed you the latest Glif smartphone tripod mount. To attach a smartphone to a mini ball head, you need a mount like the Glif, You attach the phone to the mount, and the mount has a 1/4 20 mount which attaches to the ball head.

When I started making desktop videos and doing smartphone photography and video, I started watching a lot of YouTube DIY video channels. I watched a lot of thefrugalfilmmaker’s videos. Scott Eggleston is great, he’s always cooking up some type of inexpensive DIY camera rig.

In many projects, Scott uses $5 mini ball heads he bought on eBay. Several times, however, he has commented on that they are made of plastic and break easily if they are dropped. He said that he when he first started ordering them they were metal, but later plastic, and he never knew what he would get.

While looking on YouTube, I also found MrChessyCam, another great channel featuring both DIY and Pro gear and rigs.
He recommended these $8 Osrso ball heads that you buy on eBay. These are made and ship from China. The brand is Osrso and Mr CheeztCam didn’t know how to pronounce the name. I didn’t know either, so I contacted the seller and they told me it’s pronounced OR-SO. So I guess the first S is silent.

I ordered three different models, the FRT-1, FRT-2, and the FRT-3. The FRT-1 and FRT-2 have a metal knob. The FRT-3 has a rubber coated metal knob. The FRT-1 is black, and the FRT-2 is silver.

As I mentioned before, the Osro Mini Ball Heads cost $8 on eBay with free shipping. They are shipped from China so it takes a week or two for delivery.

I am excited to use this ball heads in some rigs I am working on. See the product links below.

Featured Products

Below are some links to the Osrso Mini Ball Heads on eBay.


Osrso FRT-01 Silver Mini ball head For DSLR Digital Cameras Camcorder Tripod



Osrso FRT-02 Black Mini ball head For DSLR Digital Cameras Camcorder Tripod



Osrso FRT-03 Black Mini ball head For DSLR Digital Cameras Camcorder Tripod


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