Ztylus Z-Grip Smartphone Rig Update

Today I was planning on doing a comparison between the Ztylus Z-Grip Smartphone Rig and the ShoulderPod S1 Smartphone Rig. Both the Z-Grip and S1 are clamps you attach to your iPhone or other smartphone to use as a handle or attach your phone to a tripod.

But as I was preparing to do my comparison, I checked my Amazon link for the Ztylus and found out the link is now going to a different product. When I search Amazon, I now only see the Z-Grip for sale as part of a $40 and $50 bundle. This is really disappointing because when I ordered my Z-Grips they were only $9.95 which was a great deal.

So I decided to check eBay and their were two US-based sellers offering the Ztylus. One seller was selling it for $14.99 and the other for $19.99 (or make offer). Both sellers have free shipping. While I was getting ready to publish this, the first eBay seller no longer has the product in stock.

At $19.99, the product is still a good deal, but the price is effectively doubled what I paid on Amazon. Also at 19.99, you could order the Z-Grip directly from the Ztylus online.

Now there is one more option though. Before I ordered the Ztylus on amazon.com, I ordered some generic smartphone rig clamps from a Chinese seller on eBay for $9.99 each with free shipping. It took a month for the package to arrive from China. When I opened the package I found out the rigs were identical to the Ztylus Z-Grip.

So if your still interested in buying the Z-Grip, you can buy directly from Ztylus or from the US eBay seller. If you willing to wait 4 weeks for the package and want to say some money you can order from the Chinese eBay seller.

Now I do want to say that I have ordered a few products on eBay from China and I’ve been happy with them. They are often less expensive and often ship for free. The downsides are the shipping time and the possibility that the product they actually ship may change over time based on supply. It’s not that they are trying to trick customers it just that the products are advertised as generic and sometimes they don’t update the photos.

I’ve put all the links below including the Amazon link it case the product does come back in stock in the future.

eBay Links

Here are links for the Z-Grip on eBay. Some sellers may be out of stock.

Use this link to buy the Ztylus Z-Grip on eBay for $14.99 (USA seller)
Ztylus Z-Grip Smartphone Clamp

Use this link to buy the Ztylus Z-Grip on eBay for $19.99 (USA seller)
Ztylus Z-Grip Universal Smartphone Rig

Use this link to buy the Ztylus Z-Grip on eBay for $9.99 (Chinese seller)
Ztylus Z-Grip Smartphone Clamp

Amazon Link

Below is the link to for the Z-Grip on Amazon. Last I checked, the link was pointing to a different product. I am leaving it here is case the product is relisted on Amazon in the future.

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